Sunday, January 15, 2017

Headcovering and Happiness

I'm a headcovering Christian, meaning I cover my head as a symbol of submission to God and to my

husband. The community of Christian women who cover their heads is small but growing, and different 
people interpret the scripture differently. Some women cover all their hair, but I don't see 
any scriptural basis for this. The headcovering is symbolic, and it is okay to show your hair. I
personally use mantillas, infinity veils, and headbands, as well as other pretty, feminine hair accessories.

For me, the headcoverings are like a crown. In the church we veil things that are life giving, such as the Eucharist. Women are life giving and so I veil also. It is empowering, and it brings me closer to God. It reminds me to study Scripture, act temperately, be patient, and to follow my husband's leadership. I can
feel a difference in myself when I don't wear a headcovering versus when I do. Most of the time I do 
wear a headcover, especially veils, as a result.

My veils make me so happy. I'm protected by God and my husband, and the veils (or my glittering or 
satin headbands when I choose to cover that way) remind me of that and make me feel safe and secure. 
And I adore the femininity of it. I love being feminine. I love wearing dresses every day, wearing 
glittering jewelry, bright makeup, and having long hair. I wanted long hair when I was a kid, and now I finally have it!

It feels so good to be a woman and embrace my happy, feminine side. Femininity is spiritual, beautiful, ethereal, almost haunting - and yet so vibrant at the same time.
For the past century women have been so focused on being "equal" to men. But being of equal value doesn't make us identical in substance. We are wonderfully made, and designed differently than men. I'm not saying there's a formula or anything. Some women are more tomboyish. Some men are not handy. God designs each of us with a similar structure, but we are all different like snowflakes. He would not put less creativity into us than He would frozen rain. But as a group, we are very different from men and should embrace it. We should contrast with them. My husband and I have a ton in common, but we really contrast too and I love it. It is one of the many things that makes us work. Our bodies contrast. Our spirits have different shapes.



  1. LOVE LOVE LOVE your post. I am Catholic and totally understand. I am all about equality and women power, but I don't want to be better then men. I want to be respected and treated fairly, but still want to be a women. We were made different and therefore can't really be the same....hope that makes sense.

    beautiful pics.

    1. That makes total sense. God designed women to be different than men. It is a beautiful design. We can be treated with dignity without being treated the same as men or being forced to act like men. Thanks for visiting :)

  2. Where did you get your head covering from? I've been trying to find different head coverings to use.

    1. I order from Liturgical Time, and from Catholic at Heart. The first is on Etsy. The second I can give you the email address if you'd like!

  3. Hi Vivienne,
    Wonderful post! Right, the post isn't to have all your hair covered, but to communicate the symbolism of having authority. My wife wears a head covering too. Here's a post she wrote on the subject:


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